Dragon Ball Online Minecraft
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M.U.G.E.N 1.0 RC4 Released

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Elecbyte wydało kolejną wersje rc swojego mugena 1.0.
Oto lista zmian i poprawek:
* CNS: Added GameWidth and GameHeight triggers.
* CNS: Display error if character uses a controller or trigger inappropriate for its mugenversion.
* Localization: Implemented storyboard scene localization. See localization docs for notes.
* Implemented png screenshots. Press F12 to take a screenshot.
* Mouse cursor now hidden in fullscreen.

* AIR: Fixed empty anim actions throwing error. Empty actions will be ignored.
* BGs: Changed start position value from integer to float.
* CNS: Fixed AIlevel triggering in cooperative dummy in training mode.
* CNS: Fixed players with HitOverride taking damage outside of movetype = H
* CNS: Fixed bug where CNS load error is not reported for common1.cns in a player's directory.
* CNS: Fixed player with HitOverride not being affected by a HitDef with p2stateno = and p2getp1state = 1.
* CNS: Fixed bug where != operator was incorrectly parsed for HitDefAttr, AuthorName, TeamMode
* CNS: Fixed helper facing bug introduced in RC3.
* Fixed guard distance checking bug in a different coordinate spaces.
* Fixed helpers/explods with ownpal=1 not being affected by RemapPal
* Disabled logo storyboard from showing during quickvs

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