[Hi-Res] DM-Suzaku Castle
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Autor:  DooM [ 15 kwietnia 2009, o 04:51 ]
Tytuł:  [Hi-Res] DM-Suzaku Castle

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Version? 1.1
Hi-res? YES
Super jump? NO
Audio included? YES (AE & Prozax - Clamato Fever)
Eventual Plans for version 2.0? Maybe making the stage taller, so it supports super jump.
Thanks to: Caddie! for helping me out with floor's parallax (which is pretty damn difficult to set right).

Stage graphic originally comes from "Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix". How did I manage to rip those? Don't ask.

NOTE: If you're having troubles with .OGG music, go HERE.

Stage | BGM

EDIT: First update.

Version 1.1 details: With a little help from Chac, the floor's parallax has been improved even more. There was some little "bug" when the players where jumping.

Redownload the stage file.


Well, enjoy!

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